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Just an intro to myself...

My Theory re. Gender...
there are four sex-genders (numbered in the order that they gained equality): 1) Masculine without womb, 2) Masculine with womb, 3) Feminine with womb; 4) Feminine without womb. Obviously 1 & 2 are similar socially, and 3 & 4 are similar. It seems that 1 & 3 are the most common, but the others also exist. This arrangement may actually be good for human society, because there is balance, and variety. Also note that those with each reproductive system had their own ways of becoming powerful because of it, so it is probably good to have people from both genders having both kind of reproductive systems, although having a majority of 1 & 3 may have been beneficial to survival of early human society. Note that this does not have anything to do with being gay etc., most openly gay men are gender 1 too, although many butch lesbians appear to be 2.
For a period in history Gender 1 (men as we usually know it) had the upper hand in things, and decided they were to suppress everything. Thus their opposite, gender 3, became inferior, and all the other genders that have something in common with them, were labelled illegitimate. The very physical-centric gender 1 people at that time decided that 4 people were failed versions of themselves and 2 people were just rebellious 3s.
With the women's movement in the 1960s and afterwards, genders 2 (now labelled as 'tomboys' or 'butches') and 3 (the typical 'genetic girl') became gradually liberated and gradually gained equal status with gender 1. This process is still going on, and the good results are already visible. However, gender 4, continues to be invisible. Currently, there are two ways to live for gender 4 people: to live as 1's (whom they are usually brought up with) and participate as clueless inferiors in the masculine culture they shouldn't be in, or to have their reproductive system removed and their physiology changed to emulate gender 3 so that they can become a member of the feminine culture they should belong to, which currently is assumed to be the domain of gender 3 only.
Now I am going to uncompromisingly live the gender 4 life, and create a way to do so for all fellow 4th gendered sisters. I am going to live in the feminine culture just like any feminine type person. This includes an almost full-time feminine role, participation and thus familiarity with culture produced by and for females. I am going to do well in this to prove that our kind isn't inferior. When I really have to present myself in 'male gear' for practical purposes, I will be overtly myself so that you get what I am meaning, to get legitimacy for 4th gendered people to be who they are no matter what gear they are in, without fear of being forced to identify as gender 1's (i.e. men).

How's my life...
When I'm by myself
I tend to think a lot. I'm different, and I'm happy that I'm different. It gives me a special view of the world and I think it gives responsibility for me to contribute to the world in return.

When I'm with my friends
I'm an opinionated, happy, unique person. In some ways I can be 'just another girl' too. I will be a great friend of you if you want to share a mutual-supporting relationship. I am lucky to have my friends, and I am really happy to be with them.

The Family Job
It's in the old community and that's the 2 or 3 hours a day when I have to be a 'drag-king'. I'm still myself, though my expression of myself in this form is 'less socially accpetable and less natural' unfortunately. But I'm still standing, still showing who I am.
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